Marame B.

An eternal tale of purity and passion

Mastering the art of narrating a meaningful story with lightness… Where the bright side does not shine to its fullest without casting a shadow of mystery. Where the darkness unapologetically asks for your heart’s desires. Both coupled with sophisticated notes floating between them that unite the two worlds into one complimentary composition. Innocence and lust. Youth and wisdom. Love and prudence. Dressed in the most majestic materials — from marble to steel and tempered glass. Shimmering with copper-coloured brightness.

Meet Marame B. Nuanced craft that inspires the sounds of a standing ovation.

Marame B. A collection equally singular as its name. Rooted in the Italian opera "Madame Butterfly," written by Giacomo Puccini. Characterized by a copper-coloured butterfly theme. Round shapes. Bespoke elements. Dark and bright variations. Each piece of Marame B. furniture creates its own illusion, freeing your space from gravity’s grip.

A handmade European work of art.


Can you already see the Marame B. collection performing in your space?

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Question about the collection

Question about the collection
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