Perfection exists… And it has European taste.

Welcome the luxury of independence

Designed to dignify your space

Intobello — because true prestige demands personality

Furniture that tells exquisite stories

Where uncompromising quality meets artistic value



Enter the Intobello
state of mind

Intobello introduces the art of living redefined in the light of luxury and timeless style Born from a respect for tradition and an equal passion for innovation. We are not driven by seasonal trends. We aim to stay with you for years, never reaching the point of boredom, nor the need for replacement.

Contact Intobello anytime.

We are at your disposal and we will answer all your questions.

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  • InNoce

  • Into the blue

  • L'autunno

  • Tenebroso

  • Marame B.

  • La Rosa


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