Into the blue

The eminent strength of simplicity

You are about to witness a performance… Stop hesitating. Place all your doubts in an enigmatic cube. Then watch them disappear Into the Blue. Colour effectively becoming art. Now, enter the sea of tranquillity. The depths of elemental water. Sunrise looming on the horizon.

Recall the power of essentials.

Into the Blue. A collection synchronized with Yves Klein’s idea of colour and minimal art that focuses merely on the heart of the work. Rejecting anything additional. Stripping overdesigned forms back to their essentials. Adding personality to your space without outshining your own character. Leaving room for imagination. Deep blue concepts locked in golden frames.

A handmade European work of art.

Can you already see the Into the blue collection performing in your space?

Contact us to make it happen.

Question about the collection

Question about the collection
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