Perfection exists… And it has European taste

Enter the Intobello
state of mind

Intobello introduces the art of living redefined in the light of luxury and timeless style Born from a respect for tradition and an equal passion for innovation. We are not driven by seasonal trends. We aim to stay with you for years, never reaching the point of boredom, nor the need for replacement.

How can we make this promise with such confidence?

Meet us
— the imaginative perfectionists

Our furniture is created in the image of the world of art. Inspired by courageous founders, drafted by award-winning European designers, crafted by top-notch manufacturers — all of us working with attention to detail and subtle accents. All of us passionate about the applied arts.

Make room for
new characters

Every Intobello item becomes a masterpiece meant to soothe your senses, stir the emotions, and lead you to the refined side of life. Unforgettable, yet not intrusive. Breath-taking on its own, but ready to set the tone for a multi-element composition.

Voice the echo
of your lifestyle

This is Intobello. Furniture rooted in classic Italian style. Sculpted into divine shapes, clothed in exquisite fabrics, enriched with hand-made ornaments. A sublime brand created to mirror a new standard of prestigious lifestyle — the fusion of elegance and independence.


Recognise the excellence
in unhurried production

We present furniture mastered to perfection. Such a sterling job needs an appropriate creative process and time to reach the highest quality. No mass production. Each piece of Intobello furniture is made individually, always exclusively upon request. It takes 6-9 weeks to craft it to its finest. And it is definitely worth the wait.

Explore Intobello steps
— above and beyond

Our exceptional attention to detail extends to our customer service. From the way you place your order to the experience of unpacking that may become a performance in its own right. Welcome to Intobello. Beyond anything you imagined about interior fittings.

By now, you can see that we take the matter of first impressions seriously. Make yourself comfortable. You are about to become a part of the Intobello story.

Choose the furniture that will fill your space with the personality you desire.

Once you contact us, a customer assistant assigned to you will personally take care of your order and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Each piece of Intobello furniture is created to your special order. With passionate efforts and extreme precision, it takes 6-9 weeks to get it down to an art form.

The moment you sign for delivery, we hand you the pen to write the future chapters of the Intobello story. Fill it with beautiful memories.


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