A dream interlaced with reality

Immerse yourself in baroque boldness. Envision each of your precious moments shining through a lifetime’s backstory… Shapes that never leave the spotlight. You have just uncovered the mystery of Tenebroso. Angels among people. Golden light emerging from the depths of purple shadows. Majestic contrasts. Dramatic illumination.

The poetic quality of work.

Tenebroso — a collection especially appreciated by art aficionados. Inspired by Caravaggio’s paintings, with realism, intense contrasts between light and dark, and his emphasis on coextensive space. Sharp edges. High gloss. If you request it, the feather handles can be covered with 24-carat gold. Embrace the uncompromising character that always puts Tenebroso furniture in the foreground of your room.

A handmade European work of art.


Can you already see the Tenebroso collection performing in your space?

Contact us to make it happen.

Question about the collection

Question about the collection
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