Between harmony and invention

A complete composition captured in a breathable form. Where each instrument plays individual notes, yet together they give one synchronized performance. Unity and freedom. Modernity and nature. Innovative patterns evoking classic tones.

Embellish your space with the charms of golden autumn.

L'autunno. A collection echoing from Le quattro stagioni — the violin concerti by Antonio Vivaldi. The composer who introduced to the world music with a narrative element. Centuries later, Intobello introduces the same element into the crafting of furniture. Steel and marble softened by the beauty of human touch. Thoughtful design. Sophisticated colours.

A handmade European work of art.

Can you already see the L'autunno collection performing in your space?

Contact us to make it happen.

Question about the collection

Question about the collection
General question
  • InNoce

  • Into the blue

  • L'autunno

  • Tenebroso

  • Marame B.

  • La Rosa

  • Allegro

  • Largo

  • Adagio

  • Presto

  • Sonetti

  • Armonia

  • Fantasia


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